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About Zahara

Zahara is located in Wenatchee, WA

Phone: (509) 630-7182
Email: (preferred)

Zahara: This kennel name has a double meaning. Zahara represents the endurance, intelligence, and stamina that are hallmarks of the Beagle. It's also a twist on our location. This vast, rugged, and powerful landscape is an inspiration and holds many of the qualities that we hope to instill in our breeding program.

About: I'm Ashley Cummings and I have had dogs my whole life. I first became competitive in the dog scene when a big, loving Beagle came waltzing into my heart on my 13th Birthday. Shiloh, an over-standard dork of a dog, decided to humor me and we both participated, quite successfully, in 4-H. After a few successes with Shiloh in obedience I caught the bug. I then realized my passion was in the conformation ring. I got Conner, my first show dog, in the summer of 2003. My plan was to get a dog to show and have fun with... little did I know I'd end up dedicating myself completely to these little hounds. After doing some thinking and goal setting, Zahara Kennels was born.

In 2013, I married Karlyle, and we've set further objectives for our shared endeavors. Karlyle has had a love for Norwegian Elkhounds since we met, so in 2019, we added our first of this beautiful breed to the pack. We at Zahara strive for perfection in both structure and temperament. We feel that a dog can't do what he was bred for without correct conformation and the attitude to put all the right pieces to work. Thanks for stopping by and keep coming back to see what new accomplishments our treasured dogs have wracked up!